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Waiting List

If you want to join the waiting list, contact Sophie Watervalley (WE Server) on mail or on facebook.

You may be in a club from the time you reach the top, but if you reach the top and you don’t want to leave your club, that’s fine, but you will be moved to the “Inactive/Reserved a space” section - Read IMPORTANT NOTICE to find out what this means .Also, if you are inactive when you reach the top you will also be removed from the list and placed in the “Inactive/Reserved a space” section.

A person joins roughly every 10 days (for the time being), but if we start getting popular then this may change.

Lastly, if you are not friends/likely to cause an argument with a member that’s already in the club, you have from until you reach the top of the list to sort out any relationship issues because everyone in The Mystery is a member of the family and will not argue or (fatal) punishments will be received.


This order is not the order people join in, it just gives me a rough idea who’s waited the longest etc. I allow people in due to reputation with other people/clubs, waiting length, whether they have been in TM before (due to club jumping etc) or if you are strongly friends with someone in the club. You will notice the bottom of the list has a section called “Inactive/Reserved a space” this means these people have reached the top and haven’t replied to any mail, or they have just reserved a space because they own a club or some reason which means if they are then available to join they have a space reserved. If you then mail me to say that you are ready to join (and you are on the Inactive/Reserved a space section) you will only have to wait until the next space is available. I WILL ONLY ADD YOU TO THIS SECTION IF YOU REACH THE TOP. If you are ready to join when you reach the top 35 then you may just join. In the mean time the main list will continue.


Basically, as you reach the top 35 people of the list, you are eligible to take the next space, by mailing me. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on where you are, so let me know if you reach the top 10 or the reserved/inactive list and you will be able to take the next space. As people join from the top 10, their name will be removed from the list and then a new person will reach the top 10 and so on, so everyone will reach the top 10 eventually.



  • Waiting List :
  1. Layla Eveningwright
  2. Crystal Goldwater
  3. Daisy Swiftnight
  4. Lana Southbridge
  5. Milla Lightningstar
  6. Jane Mountainbrooke
  7. Emma Friendstorm
  8. Angelica Rainforest
  9. Emma Lightmountain
  10. Amalie Queenheart
  11. Isabel Eveningsmith
  12. Georgia Silverwater
  13. Amira Silverdawn
  14. Alice Eveningsmith
  15. Elisabeth Lightlord
  16. Olivia Lightningforce
  17. Kate Eastberg
  18. Nina Beevalley
  19. Tatiana Snowwater
  20. Daisy Ponyrock
  21. Emmy Puppyheart
  22. Dominika Crazywater
  23. Sasha Snowside
  24. Daniella Ponybell
  25. Willow Dawnwood
  26. Alyssa Rainbell
  27. Courtney Mountainside
  28. Ashley Pinkpaw
  29. Minna Bigbard
  30. Jenny Northlake
  31. Isabel Greenstone
  32. Georgia Mistwood
  33. Elisabeth Lightlord
  34. Emma Snowdawn
  35. Zoey Watervalley
  36. Ellen Eveningfall
  37. Mia Starcake
  38. Lea Slivernight
  39. Emma Deerlee
  40. Courtney Eveningfall
  41. Bella Dawnrock
  42. Sophie Purplepaw
  43. Lizbeth Nightwater
  44. Rita Greenmountain
  45. Ella Applefield
  46. Violet Riverstar
  47. Claudia Oldforest
  48. Iris Riverstar
  49. Mia Opaldawn
  50. Chloe Moonmountain
  51. Karin Bluerock
  52. Crystal Haysmith
  53. Fiona Eveningborn
  54. Lucy McBrooke
  55. Agnes Eveningpaw
  56. Connie Dawnheart
  57. Aida Dawnrock
  58. Stacy Goldborn
  59. Naomi Bluefall
  60. Penelope Winterwood
  61. Lisa Dogbaker
  62. Gabriela Bravegren
  63. Petra Winterstar
  64. Abbie Dawndaughter
  65. Kristina Westland
  66. Lea Eveninglake
  67. Sara Opalson
  68. Leah Bluebridge
  69. Karin Silentbridge
  70. Abbie Northnight
  71. Antoinette Starsmith
  72. Chloe Mistheart
  73. Angelica Silverpaw
  74. Crystal Bluenight
  75. Georgia Ponygirl
  76. Ruby Lightningpaw
  77. Lily Hawknight
  78. Teagan Youngheart
  79. Autumn Diamondfield
  80. Zoey Starbridge
  81. Kristina Longwood
  82. Jana Youngcake
  83. Breasha Bravegarden
  84. Lili Darkforest
  85. Olivia Wolfstorm
  86. Layla Sweetforce
  87. Katelyn Riverfall
  88. Esther Westburg
  89. Vivienne Appleyard
  90. Caitlin Puppypaw
  91. Cristina Bluebridge
  92. Frida Silentstorm
  93. Lena Eastlord
  94. Danielle Nightstone
  95. Bella Dawnrock
  96. Leah Eagletree
  97. Kelly Southwater
  98. Astrid Darkwatcher
  99. Clara Winterbell
  100. Alexandra Mcnight
  101. Annie Moonwright
  102. Lucia Wolfbridge
  103. Georgia Underpaw
  104. Elina Nightstorm
  105. Annie Mistnest
  106. Grace Westgirl
  107. Ximena Shadowhurricane
  108. Natalie Mountaindaughter
  109. Angelica Snowdawn
  110. Anna Bravedawn
  111. Zoey Skydotter
  112. Alicia Applefield
  113. Caitlin Flowerstar
  114. Deborah Queenvalley
  115. Julia Lightningwood
  116. Rose Fastpaw
  117. Miranda Westpaw
  118. Cora Ponystar
  119. Elaine Gladebear
  120. Denise Zebraforce
  121. Mille Moonstar
  122. Lilah Mcbrooke
  123. Karolin Wolfborn
  124. Keira Friendpie
  125. Ella Fastwood
  126. Rosalie Gladefall
  127. Sheila Lightheart
  128. Diana Ponyheart
  129. Amira Darkmountain
  130. Jasmine Skywater
  131. Abbie Silverside
  132. Sophia Snowforce
  133. Nicole Archlund
  134. Zoey Diamondlund
  135. Mille Moonpaw
  136. Grace Moonbell

Inactive/Reserved a space

  1. Sofie Eaglestorm
  2. Lucy Mistforest
  3. Tiffany Turtlehall
  4. Emily Sunfall
  5. Annetta Winterland
  6. Gabrielle Wolfhurricane
  7. Holly Haytree 
  8. Rebecca Northburg
  9. Amelie Northstorm
  10. Hazel Moonlake
  11. Marte Darkfall
  12. Chloe Goldpaw
  13.  Jana Dragonvalley
  14. Annett Skyfall
  15. Ellie Riverland
  16. Eline Greenrock
  17. Sally Westfield
  18. Juliette Skycamp
  19. Lauren Snowfall
  20. Stella Darkdotter
  21. Emma Eastlund
  22. Sophie Sweetstreet
  23. Lauren Wolfbear
  24. Dakota Longstorm
  25. Jamie Sunwood
  26. Elin Moonfall
  27. Saga Bluehill
  28. Emily Crazyrock
  29. Georgia Eveningstorm
  30. Julieta Queenknight
  31. Bambi Silentdawn
  32. Ruby Hawkwood
  33. Alexandra Mchaven
  34. Beata Southfield
  35.  Hazel Kingson
  36. Diana Golddawn
  37. Alicia Snowforce
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